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X-Tweed Toque & Mitten


Woolen Tweeds were originally desirable for outerwear being moisture resistant and durable. Our new X-Tweed takes it to a whole new level. X-Tweed is a wool blend bonded three-layer soft shell. It has the soft, open and flexible feel of a sweater. Two-way stretch makes it comfy. Three-layer bonding to microfleece makes it cozy. Wind and Water Resistant and Breathable. Tired of that same old black soft shell jacket? Step up to X-Tweed for a transformation that will amplify your style with already great function.


Face: 20% Wool, 30% Acrylic, 50% Polyester. Backing:100% Polyester


385 grams



Logoing techniques recommended:

Embroidery, Heat Press




Grey Mix Charcoal MIx

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